JavaScript Development

Riding an incredible surge of popularity, JavaScript is front and center in web development these days. It used to be that one would reluctantly use JavaScript when developing web apps; not necessarily because you didn't like JavaScript, but you couldn't assume it was supported. Not long ago web developers would have to make sure that web pages degraded successfully when JavaScript wasn't available. Now JavaScript has 3-4 modern runtime environments competing fiercely for dominance. JavaScript, the language, has spilled out of the browser, and can now be found in many server-side web applications.

The list of available JavaScript libraries and frameworks grows daily. It's almost impossible to keep up. While JavaScript can be used in back-end development, here at Lintel we prefer Python. While it can also be used — with varying degrees of success — for cross-platform mobile development, we favor writing in native mobile applications. However, if you're looking to write powerful web-based applications, JavaScript, with its rich ecosytem, will not leave you wanting.

I, for one, welcome our new JavaScript overlords.