Backbone.js Development

Lightweight but powerful, Backbone.js is a framework designed to create single-page web applications. Based on the MVP (model-view-presenter) approach, Backbone's job is to keep everything in sync. Perhaps one of the reasons it's so lightweight (especially for a framework) is it remains notoriously unopinionated. It gives you the tools and gets out of your way. Some might joke that it gives you the rope and let's you hang yourself. Depending on your needs, it can be refreshing to have full control of the architecture of your site.

Lintel has used Backbone.js to synchronize various front- and back-end interactions of our clients' sites, producing cohesive web applications. As any good JavaScript framework should, it helps you organize your code in ways that keep you from cluttering your project.

Lintel joins a long list of Backbone.js users, including a number of high-profile websites: Hulu, Pandora, Foursquare, LinkedIn (mobile), and many more. While we enjoy Backbone.js, please continue to explore our site where we profess our love for AngularJS.