Go Development

Go, or golang as it is often called, is a programming language fairly new to the development scene. With its clean, consistent style, and its superior performance on high end, high transit servers, golang has been experiencing a rise in popularity ever since Google released version 1.0 in 2011.

Through its use of a fast compiler, powerful concurrency primitives, and a solid standard library with powerful network tools, golang really rocks when your app needs to deliver lots of content from a server. In fact, Go is so good at what it does, to not use Go in certain applications would be quite the mistake. There is a reason that Google uses Go for its download servers.

Here at Lintel, we are all over Go. We use it when it makes sense, and we are excited to provide the performance increases it offers to all of our clients. With golang now also coming to the Android platform, Android development is going to get a welcome performance boost as well.