Android Development

Let's face it, Android is dominating mobile. The days of having an iOS-only approach are over. With Android's rise in popularity over the past few years, Android apps have become an important avenue for businesses trying to reach current and potential customers.

For hardware manufacturers, the open source Android platform offers an economical alternative to Apple's iOS. A wide range of mobile devices and tablets are Android-powered, and Android holds an increasingly dominant lead in the world's smartphone market share.

Programming in Java, our developers work with existing Android SDKs to create custom applications and user experiences. Taking the hassle out of compatibility, Lintel builds your Android apps to work with virtually all Android devices.

About Android

Android is an open source operating system that powers mobile phones and tablets. Based on the Linux kernel, the operating system was originally developed at Android, Inc., which was purchased by Google in 2005.

Google also leads the Open Handset Alliance, a group of over 80 companies that develops Android software and hardware. A large community of app developers has grown up around Android, contributing to the rising popularity of Android phones and tablets. And we're just going to say it: Android is a cold drink of refreshing openness when one considers the alternative. (Hopefully our Cupertino bretheren don't read this.)