Android Developer (Hyderabad, IN)

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Lintel is a rapidly growing software development company in Hyderabad, India. We’ve built the flagship products for new businesses that have become major players in their markets.

As technical partners to large institutions, we've also prototyped products, created new online services, and set up server environments to make them all highly available and super scalable...

To keep up with demand, we're looking to hire several Android developers.

We Need …

Android developers of all skill levels who are willing to learn and grow in an exciting and demanding environment.

You Need …

Applicants must be proficient in Java and must have developed at least one Android app. (Novice developers will have to work their guts out on internal projects until they're proficient enough to do client work.)


  • Mobile: iOS (Objective C)
  • Python: Twisted, Pyside / QML, pip
  • Web: Django, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, LESS
  • Linux: Bash, Salt, PostgreSQL, Git
  • Telephony: FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS

Please reply with your resume, wage requirements, and/or any portfolio materials you might have. If your wage requirements make sense for your level of skill/experience, you're very likely to get an interview.

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